Past Events

 Cheer Children with Cancer - October 2015

owner and dog costume

We wanted to to create a fun event for the membership and their dogs as well as create something that might help children dealing with cancer.

owner and dog costume

We held a Halloween party, dressing up in very creative costumes, where we played games and did tricks with our dogs. We filmed the evening and created an amateur video to share with children, with the hope that it might give them a giggle. We had such fun making it. Our hope was that it would bring smiles, giving them a moment's reprieve from the disease they are battling. We sent our video along with our thoughts and prayers to various institutions and have received much thanks and appreciation.


 Give to Our Troops - April 2013

Kennel club members and dogs"Thank You For Your Service and Come Home Safe" to our Military Personnel around the world.  We will never forget you!

BKC Members and their dogs dressed in Patriotic attire, performed wonderful tricks and played silly games.  It was all filmed to create a movie to be sent to our Military Troops over seas via the Give2TheTroops program.  Dan Ackerman, retired Army Dog Handler and his wife Kelly, an Army Military Police Officer joined the members as special guests. The Dress Your Dog Relay, Musical Chairs and "Snoopy Says" the game "Simon Says" were fun & crazy. The laughter was over the top when the MBKC Members played the "Don't Eat the Hotdog" game....the Member threw a hot dog about 25 feet away, then sent their dog to retrieve it....whoever has the most hotdog left when the dog comes back is the winner.  Most of these highly trained dogs didn't bring much hotdog back to the fact only Sheryl Evans and her Newfie, Liberty, had ANYTHING left of the hotdog.

support our troopsPatti Shepard and her Rottweiler, Tucker, won the "Best Dressed Couple" Award.
Lori Nickeson and her German Shepard, Monty, marched to Military music and thanked the Troops for their service, with Monty giving them a Dog wave.
Sandy Lachowski and her Rhodesian Ridgeback, Magic, gave a wonderful demonstration of keeping you and your dog fit, from lifting weights to playing basketball.
Liberty also showed a wonderful trick where she held the American Flag in her mouth, sat up, and waved to the Troops.